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"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."

Jim Rohn


WARNING! Still Cats game and its music are extremely addicting! Playing with Still Cats it's at your own risk. No cats have been armed during the production of this game.
Still Cats, help the cat banned out of his home by the malefic old woman and take care of him by saving him from the multiple traps in this strange world, avoid rotating blades, do not let carnivor plants eat you and stay away from bombs, they make a big BOOM!!


Letters! World, an intuitive game, easy but full of fantastic dynamics that will stimulate your mind and reflexes.
Join this challenge alone or challenge your friends !

Letters! World is completely free, though some in game objects like taps or extra lives may require in game purchases.

Letters! World, a new brainteaser with a fresh new gaming experience from Whites Games Studio.

About Whites Games

Whites Games Studio was founded in 2015. Its mission is to create a new experience of entertainment for the mobile and web games platforms.

We make games because we want to create emotions of joy, of hilarity but also of frustration when challenges arise, because we love to do it!

We constantly search, within the walls of our briefing rooms full of things already seen and done, for innovation and ideas that overturn perspectives. We make every effort to confront new challenges, knowing that at the end of the day our objective is to have made some progress.

Humility, passion and union are at home here at Whites Games. We love to engage, share ideas and emotions because we firmly believe that comparison and collaboration make a good game.

Our games can be synchronized across many different platforms allowing players to switch between their devices any time, any place.

Our games are available for free but we also offer in-game purchases to facilitate game completion, which can also be accomplished without these extras, allowing any brave player to complete our games at zero cost. We also implement social sharing technologies to boost the gaming experience and competitiveness among friends.

Thank You All!

Whites Games Studio
Leonardo Bernardini

Contact Whites Games!!!

If you would like to contact us for general questions about our games, please get in touch with us on our Facebook page

For additional information and updates about our games, please get in touch with the games pages on Facebook:

If you would like to contact us for games support, please follow the links available directly ingame under the support section into the settings panel.

For different queries, you can contact our info e-mail at info@whitesgames.com.


Whites Games is actually hiring the following profiles, if you fit into our description and you would like to work in a well motivated nerds powered environment, consider sending your application at hiring@whitesgames.com:

  • Junior Unity C# developer

    You should prove your experience with Unity 3D and have published at least one game on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store using Unity technologies.

  • Senior Node.js / Javascript / Mysql / MongoDB specialist

    You should prove serious and strong skills on server side technologies using Node.js, Javascript, Mysql and MongoDB. You should also prove to have worked on a distributed application (game application not required) currently running on a cloud environment like Amazon EC2. You should also prove a deep knowledge of networking and security topics applied to distributed and scalable environments.

  • Senior Toons and textures artist

    You should prove your skills in drawing toons and textures for games on paper or directly on digital medias. You are also required to prove your skills in cell based animations and using toons animation specific packages.

  • Senior 3D modeler and animator

    You should prove your capabilities to work with any 3D package you like able to export models, animations and scenes to Unity 3D. You should have at least worked for one game published on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store using Unity technologies.